Mom Says Teen Who Went Missing For Nine Months Wasn't Pregnant

The mother of the 15-year-old New Hampshire girl who went missing for nine months says that despite the rumors, her daughter was not pregnant during her disappearance. Zenya Hernandez told The Today Show that her daughter Abby didn't run away, either: » 7/28/14 9:48am Today 9:48am

U.S. Officials: Images Prove Russia Fired Into Ukraine

In the wake of the MH17 crash, U.S. intelligence officials have been building their case that Russia and the pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine have been working together during the Ukrainian conflict. On Sunday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released overhead images taken last week as evidence that… » 7/28/14 8:23am Today 8:23am

Israel Rejects Kerry's Truce Proposal in Gaza

Israel's cabinet rejected Secretary of State John Kerry's proposal for a weeklong truce in Gaza today. Now, Kerry's leaving the Middle East for Paris, where he'll try to try "to enlist additional European diplomatic help for the peace process," according to The Washington Post. » 7/25/14 5:27pm Friday 5:27pm

Idiot GOP Rep. Mistakes Senior U.S. Officials for Indian Citizens

Freshman Congressman Curt Clawson is new on the job. So when he saw senior U.S. officials Nisha Biswal and Arun Kumar at a Foreign Affairs committee meeting yesterday, he did what any Tea Party Floridian would do — he assumed they were members of the Indian government. » 7/25/14 5:20pm Friday 5:20pm

Experts Say ISIS's Female Genital Mutilation Order Is Fake

Yesterday, the U.N. resident and humanitarian coordinator in Iraq warned reporters that ISIS — the Sunni militant group taking over Iraq and Syria — had ordered 4 million women and girls in Mosul to undergo genital mutilation. Today, analysts say the written fatwa Jacqueline Badcock based her warning on is fake. » 7/25/14 11:35am Friday 11:35am

Cheerleader Who Sued Her Parents Now Taking Her Boyfriend to Court

Rachel Canning, the New Jersey high school cheerleader who sued her parents for child support and college tuition, filed a restraining order against her boyfriend this week. It totally sucks, but her parents were kind of right about this guy. » 7/25/14 9:50am Friday 9:50am

At Least 16 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Strike on School Shelter

At least 16 Palestinians were killed by Israeli shelling on a school being used as a shelter today. The U.N., which has been operating the shelter, says this is the third time a school shelter has been hit in the 16-day conflict. The AP has published photos of children injured in the attack (like the one above). » 7/24/14 11:25am Thursday 11:25am